Scientific Innovation Deployed

About US

Superlabs is a research & development engine for the deployment of disruptive device & material inventions powered by design, fabrication & machine intelligence tools.

Our Model

The goal of our innovation model is dual: a) fast iterative technology development of internally developed ideas @ our Research Lab in NCSR Demokritos and b) deployment to the society through our startup & IP portfolio:

  • Idea Generation
  • Concept Refinement
  • Technology Validation
  • Technology Optimization
Nurture projects through the initial prototyping phase to proof of concept.

Our Studio

Our Studio offers a one-stop service bureau solution to public and private organizations with direct societal impact. we partner with the industry and various organizations to identify and address challenges with clear societal and business impact.

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Our Portfolio

Biological Lattice Industries Corp.

AI-Driven Biomaterials Foundry to Master Human Biology in 3D

The Autonomous Science Lab (ASL) @ NCSR Demokritos

Our Research Lab creating digital and physical self-driving science labs to accelerate the design and optimization of advanced materials and devices that improve our daily life. #greece2.0